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About probation periods

Offering a position subject to a satisfactory probationary period is standard practice amongst employers. It provides a valuable opportunity to make sure you made the correct decision when recruiting, and check that your new employee has the skills to be able to perform to the standard required. Probation periods work two ways, also enabling the employee to find out if the job is right for them.

Dismissal during probation periods

If it turns out that the wrong decision was made at the recruitment stage, and the employee lacks the skills needed for the role, you may want to dismiss before the probationary period is at an end. Our UK Employment Law experts can advise on correct formal procedures to follow and the right time-frames for probation period notice.

Running effective probation periods

Recruitment is time-consuming and can be expensive. With 20% of employees leaving whilst still on probation, it’s important for employers to make sure the probation period is run as effectively as possible for all parties. This should include regular review meetings, identifying training requirements and providing additional support where needed. Our experts can discuss your current probation period process with you and give you pointers to improve.

Statutory rights of employees during probation

Did you know that employees on probation are entitled to the same statutory rights as your other staff? If you have questions about contracts during probation, or need to terminate employment during a probation period, get professional advice first to avoid unfair dismissal claims against your business.

If the probation passes without an extension or dismissal, the probationary period will be deemed to be successful. If you’ve let the probation period pass but don’t want to continue with the employment, talk to us today about your options.


They provided excellent advice and support throughout the long and complex process. The navigation through the restructure was made much easier by having a named experienced and highly knowledgeable advisor who took the time to ensure he understood our needs whilst ensuring we understood the legislation underpinning the process