We Can Advise On...

  • Employee Grievances
  • Correct Grievance Procedure
  • Resolving Grievances
  • Investigation Procedure
  • Grievance Time Limits
  • Possible Grievance Outcomes
  • Informal Meetings
  • Letters To Staff
  • Grievance Hearings
  • Employee Right Of Appeal
  • Staff Statutory Rights
  • And More

Investigating a grievance

If an employee has raised a grievance, it is your responsibility as the employer to investigate it. This enables you to find out all the facts before any action is taken, and talk to any other staff members who may be involved.

Correct investigation procedure is important – as is documenting what you find in a consistent and appropriate way.

If you have questions about carrying out a grievance investigation, fill in the form above for a callback or give us a ring (free) on 0800 009 2961 – we’ll provide no-strings guidance you can rely on, based on the ACAS code of practice.


They provided excellent advice and support throughout the long and complex process. The navigation through the restructure was made much easier by having a named experienced and highly knowledgeable advisor who took the time to ensure he understood our needs whilst ensuring we understood the legislation underpinning the process

Grievance hearings

If you’ve already carried out your investigation, you’ll need to hold a grievance hearing to discuss desirable outcomes with your employee. We can help you prepare for it, as well as give you advice on what should be included in a grievance hearing and how it should be conducted.

Decisions on employee grievances

Whether you decide to uphold or reject the grievance, Employers Helpline can help you manage it the right way. We can also talk you through the best way to communicate your decision to the employee, and explain about the employee’s right of appeal and what that means for you. If an employee retracts a grievance, or the grievance is a repeat of one that’s been submitted before, we can help with that, too. Request a callback or give us a ring on 0800 009 2961 today.

Please note that we do not offer advice to employees. If you are an employee looking for grievance advice, we recommend you contact the ACAS employee helpline.